Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Adeline- Portland, OR

Well, this is an unexpected surprise! I found The Promise Candle online while searching for information about breast cancer awareness, and just placed my first order! Shortly after, I noticed the blog, and read all the posts, what a lovely idea! I think in these uncertain times, a product like this is like comfort food. Calming, warm, and (I expect) delicious smelling. I'll let you know when I receive my order, but in the meantime, best wishes, and thanks for the inspirational blog!

Adeline- Portland, OR

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mina- Delmar, DE

Hi Marsha and the Promise Candle Crew!! I got a YUMMY Fresh Fig candle today, and I LOVE it. I, luckily, am neither ill or have an ill family member, but I do have a serious issue with "overscheduling"- both in my own life and my chidren's lives. We're getting a hold on it, and this candle is my saving grace! Thanks so much for the idea!!

Mina- Delmar, DE

Angela, Las Vegas, NV

I'm not one for sappy emails, but I wanted to drop and note and say "Thank You" to you all over at The Promise Candle. My father has been in the hospital for over a month now, and I've been at my wits end, trying to find rhyme or reason in the universe. A good friend of mine ordered herself one of these candles, and just passed it on to me, seeing my state of need. I've really enjoyed the time of reflection burning my candle daily has allowed, and just placed an order for my dad's own candle for his return home. the nurses at the hospital here think it's a really great product, and would love to see it in the gift shop, so you should follow up on that!

Thanks again- Angela, Las Vegas, NV

Monday, July 21, 2008

Shawna Krisp- Dublin, GA

Hey all! I just received my 4 pack of the tall candles (my husband calls them "grandes"- I think he spends too much time at Starbucks!) and they're just LOVELY! I admit, I ordered them as gifts for my girlfriends, and didn't intend to keep any, but now I am reevaluating! I am intoxicated by the Lime Basil. It's DIVINE. This summer we spent three weeks in Charleston, and something about the Lime Basil reminds me of those cool little shops we ALL love, the ones where you walk in and think "that's it, I'm redecorating my whole entire house and I want it to smell JUST like this store".

So ladies, thank you! Think of all the money I saved in "I have to redecorate I hate my house-itis"?

Shawna :)

Busy Busy Busy

Hello All! We've been busy busy busy here, and we've fallen behind posting all your great emails and stories in our blog! We've received many emails, and we're working right now to get them posted and up for you all to read! Thanks for all the "where's the blog?" messages- we had no idea how many of you are reading!

Now, for some exciting news! We sent a candle to Hoda Kotb (of NBC's Today Show), and guess what? Last week they unveiled her "newly redecorated office" and what did we see? The Promise Candle in her office! We've since talked to Hoda, and we're really excited that she loves her candle and thinks the candle is a wonderful product! Woo woo!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Adam and Corinne, Philadelphia, PA

Hello People at The Promise Candle!

We run a local yoga and meditation center, and recently were introduced to your product by a friend at a gift store here in Pennsylvania. We bought some candles for our facility through your website, and the patrons here went NUTS over them (we burn the "mysteria" scent, and use it as part of our classes, centering on the flame, etc. We have a class in particular, in our meditation series, about focus, and many of our customers (as I am sure you've noticed with a surge of orders from Pennsylvania) have bought their own Promise Candles to meditate and bring themselves into a personal calm in their homes. We just wanted to say THANK YOU! We're so pleased with our candles, at home and in our business, and the idea is simple, but perfect. We wish you well, and hope you'll come visit if any of you are ever in Pennsylvania! It's gorgeous here!

Adam and Corinne

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lynn from the Make A Wish Foundation in Pennsylvania

Hi Marsha,

Just a note to let you know you’ve helped bring peace into our lives. We’ve only had the candles two days and we love them. I got the new one the other day.I hope you are feeling alright. You are in my prayers and thoughts.

Thank you! Lynn