Monday, July 21, 2008

Shawna Krisp- Dublin, GA

Hey all! I just received my 4 pack of the tall candles (my husband calls them "grandes"- I think he spends too much time at Starbucks!) and they're just LOVELY! I admit, I ordered them as gifts for my girlfriends, and didn't intend to keep any, but now I am reevaluating! I am intoxicated by the Lime Basil. It's DIVINE. This summer we spent three weeks in Charleston, and something about the Lime Basil reminds me of those cool little shops we ALL love, the ones where you walk in and think "that's it, I'm redecorating my whole entire house and I want it to smell JUST like this store".

So ladies, thank you! Think of all the money I saved in "I have to redecorate I hate my house-itis"?

Shawna :)

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