Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Adam and Corinne, Philadelphia, PA

Hello People at The Promise Candle!

We run a local yoga and meditation center, and recently were introduced to your product by a friend at a gift store here in Pennsylvania. We bought some candles for our facility through your website, and the patrons here went NUTS over them (we burn the "mysteria" scent, and use it as part of our classes, centering on the flame, etc. We have a class in particular, in our meditation series, about focus, and many of our customers (as I am sure you've noticed with a surge of orders from Pennsylvania) have bought their own Promise Candles to meditate and bring themselves into a personal calm in their homes. We just wanted to say THANK YOU! We're so pleased with our candles, at home and in our business, and the idea is simple, but perfect. We wish you well, and hope you'll come visit if any of you are ever in Pennsylvania! It's gorgeous here!

Adam and Corinne

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